Warm Outdoor Living Space - Portland, OR

When the owners added a wing onto their house, they wanted to create an outdoor space that effectively doubled their renovation.

A patio was designed with planters & bench seating around a firepit, creating a cozy space for intimate fireside chats. Adequate room for outdoor dining and BBQ was also a part of the design, adding a whole living & dining room to the newly expanded house.

The plants are  low-maintenance, but also intermixed with vegetables which creates a space that is beautiful and multi-functional.

“Marisa's design created an outdoor living room for our home. The mix of plants with the inclusion of vegetables is perfect for our family. The patio's design allows us to use it year-round. The firepit is great for our kid's social gatherings and the BBQ area is functional even mid-winter. ”

- Chuck & Leslie Ramsdell

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