Bocanova Restaurant - Oakland, CA

This high-end restaurant needed a planting that performed multiple duties: Create boarders at the edge of the patio and around the umbrellas for safety while maintaining the high-end modern appearance with low-maintenance plants. Additionally, the owners wanted it to looked great year-round and yet requested a touch of flowers for color burst.

The result was a low-water combination of ever-green grasses, succulents and cascading perennial flowers that fit the look, matched the interior design and only required biannual touch-ups. While the restaurant has received much acclaim (San Francisco Chronicle and New York Times, among others) for its food and interior design, we can’t help but hope the plants have also served their purpose.

“"It was wonderful working with Marisa.  After one consultation, she 'got' what Bocanova was all about. Her landscaping not only compliments the design, but projects a beautiful introduction to the restaurant's interior."  ”

- - Meredith Melville, Owner and General Manager

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