70’s Ranch House gets update with Garden Facelift - Los Altos, CA

The front entrance and garden at this sprawling ranch house in Los Altos was completely re-designed to become a sprawling terraced entrance through their garden…

A beautiful Black-Gold Slate curving pathway is accented with drought-tolerant plants. The garden is designed to showcase a different color palette per season: rotating reds with purples while a consistent white blooming rose performs almost year-round.  Family heirloom Hydrangeas were accented with Japanese Forest Grass (Hakonekaloa), New Zealand Flax (Phormium) and white azaleas.

The garden is surprising low-maintenance.

—————————Maintenance Level of this Garden—————————–

Maintenance level year 1 through 3:

(Rated 1-5, one being the easiest and five being the hardest)

4– Expect the grass will cause the obvious effects on the maintenance, but also know that the empty beds as they grow in will need to be weeded (More in the first year. Less and less after that). You will need to add mulch at least once a year the first three years. Fertilizer and constant watering will also make the garden be a happy mature garden. Just like children, the first years matter a lot to make the later years easier.

Maintenance level year 4 through 10:

(Rated 1-5, one being the easiest and five being the hardest)

2– Low maintance, drought tolerant. Give them very little water and they will be fine. Give them a little more and they will perform well. Fertilize and it will look amazing. Mulch every so often, but you have to use 1/2 as much.

You will have to start replacing some plants as they outgrow or get old. Replace with the same or some other you have noticed along the way.

Maintenance level year 10 through ?:

(Rated 1-5, one being the easiest and five being the hardest)

2– Low

To continue to look fabulous, you will always have to give some attention to your garden. By this point, you will be addicted to it, so just go with it.

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