Spring Gardening Tips & Pruning

Spring Gardening Tips
Pruning can often make things look weird or weak, but it makes things happier! Just think of it like a trim when you are trying to grow your hair out.

If leaves look discolored, check under them for little white bugs or eggs(aphids). If there are holes in the leaves, it’s usually snails or slugs (in the Bay Area). Sluggo is the best, safest method for getting rid of the slimy ones… and it fertilizes at the same time.

For aphids I suggest spraying them with a hose (for non-delicate leaves) or heavily mist with soapy water (get both sides of the leaves). Also hand removal works well. You’ll win eventually, you just have to do it every few days for a week or so.

In general, just glance at your garden every couple days to see how it’s going. Especially this time of the year when things are growing like mad. If anything looks weird, inspect it then give me a call or click a photo and email me. I’ll do what I can to help!


Prune me Please!
Calililies- Thin out and direct growth.

African Daisies- Prune them back to make them spread wider and keep green leaves healthy. Dead-head for continuous bloom until September.

Grasses- To the ground! Hurry up!  (no purple/red grasses should be pruned)

Roses- Hurry up! Remove old diseased leaves from branches and the ground around the plant.

Boxwood & other shrubs- Pinch or clip back new growth to shape naturally

Japanese Maples- If your tree needs it, it’s time for the hard prune.

Potato Vine (Solanum)- Get this vine in shape now, or you might regret it in a couple months. Hard prune now, followed by monthly light prunings.

Anything that is overgrown! Well, not anything, but check with me if you have questions.


You got tips? Learn something interesting in your garden? Send them my way. I’m constantly learning! Happy Spring!

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