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  • Globe Trotting

    Ever think about jumping ship and taking your family to another country for a year of serious chaos,¬† family time, culture shock,¬†love, adventure, risk and…

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  • Loquat Cults?

    —— Loquat Cults? If you’ve got this far looking for the Loquat reference, then you’re in! There are a few gardens out there with the…

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  • Happy Spring: Lemons!

    I’m sure looking out your window, you’ve noticed the new growth that the spring rains have brought us. It’s hard not to see the rhoddies…

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  • Watering! How much?

    Watering! The number one question of everyone! Following is a wonderful article on watering written by Pam Pierce, one of the Bay Area’s foremost experts…

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  • Spring Gardening Tips & Pruning

    Spring Gardening Tips Pruning can often make things look weird or weak, but it makes things happier! Just think of it like a trim when…

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