Who is MKB?

My dream: To make the world a better, greener, more beautiful place.

What I used to do: Marketing for Gap Inc. and Google. Advertising for Monterey Bay Aquarium, adidas and a few others. And then I decided to cut my salary in half to pursue my passion… and along the way to have a few kids.

What I believe is possible: Achieve your goal of having a beautiful home while not spending your valuable time and money constantly maintaining your garden. By using drought-tolerant, native plants and natural fertilizers, pesticides and gardening products, you will have a garden that is just as beautiful but needs much less maintenance and worry.

I believe in:¬†Sustainable gardens highlighting form and function. Things can be beautiful and functional at the same time. You can have a lush garden without the constant maintenance and worrying. Of course one needs to pay attention, but by no means does one have to be a slave to one’s garden.

My grandma taught me: ¬†Reduce, reuse, recycle and compost. This was before it was even a thought in most people’s minds. She learned it growing up during the depression on a farm in Canada and it has now come full cycle. She designed her garden from a slab of rock into a lush wonderland of pathways through rhododendrons, giant rock formations, japanese maples and camellias. I spent many hours weeding for her and learning the lessons of the garden and nature.

Inspiration: Grandma Pieper.